Antioxidant black Tea tea for healthy lifestyle

Aura Range

lemon tea

A cup of Aura Lemon tea, with its tangy-fruity punch together with its fresh aroma and rich taste will revive you instantly.

Aura Range

Green tea

Dive into a healthy lifestyle with green tea grown in sustainable plantations in the finest of salubrious climates at natural elevations.

Natural Goodness in delightful flavours

antioxidant green tea

Rich in antioxidants as nature intended, Aura brings you all natural and high quality 100% Ceylon Tea: perfect for an active and healthy lifestyle. Let the different flavours of Aura tea delight your mind, body and soul with pure refreshment and the best of natural goodness that you can trust.

" A trusted partner in my quest for a healthy lifestyle, it offers me confidence and pride in consuming the best quality tea that delivers the naturally occurring antioxidants, in a flavour which I enjoy"

Antioxidant black Tea

Almar Teas offers a range of highest quality Pure Ceylon Tea plucked from lush green gardens in the hill country of Sri Lanka.

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