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Almar Teas is an innovative dynamic organization led by an experienced and professional team, with a strong consumer and customer focus in delivering quality tea products....

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At Almar Teas (Pvt) Ltd.we are guided by our core values of being consumer focused in the delivery of the natural goodness of tea and embracing the highest standards of integrity, quality and consistency in the delivery of products and services. It is a subsidiary of the Almar Group of Companies. The Almar group records over three decades of continuing growth and has come to be recognized as a leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka. Almar Teas is backed by the stability and business acumen of the parent company.

Almar Teas is an innovative dynamic organization lead by an experienced and professional team, with a strong consumer and customer focus in delivering quality tea products in partnership with its trade partners, including sophisticated tea buyers from around the world. The team is recognized for its consistent and personalized services to its customers.

Almar markets its own flagship tea brand Aura, available in both black and green tea and in different flavours with its natural antioxidant for a healthy lifestyle. Almar Teas is also a supplier of bulk, straight or blended packeted teas and tea bags, either flavoured or value added qualities of the highest quality accordingly individual trade partner requirements.

Almar Teas ensure the delivery of consistent quality through its meticulous selection and tasting process by its experienced skilled personnel. High standards of quality and value are ensured through the process of sourcing tea from plantations of choice at specified elevations that follow stringent processing and delivery systems that in turn qualify for quality certification from the Sri Lanka Tea Board and other international organizations.

Almar Teas with its quality tea products supported by its professional team and proven record in sourcing and exporting high quality Ceylon Teas, invite interested organizations to join them in Joint Ventures.

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Aura teas provide benefits for healthy and active lifestyles , as well as vitamins C and A.


We have the best quality standards of tea with LION Logo, HACCP,
ISO 9001:2008

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The British brought a tea plant from China .It was planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens,

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